We Are The Academy for Musicology and Musicianship

We offer a programme that combines academic knowledge with insights from musical performance. It is aimed at students from conservatory and university trajectories.

The Academy for Musicology and Musicianship is a collaboration between the University of Amsterdam and the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. 

What we do

  • We bridge the gap between conservatory and university programmes.
  • We offer seminars that will enrich your current studies, such as Musical Ecosystems and Musicking.
  • We facilitate exchanges between these institutions and offer tailor-made solutions for students.

Why study with us

  • In our seminars students engage with internationally leading scholars and performance professionals from different academic and musical backgrounds.
  • Our courses address current musical practices and will help you fill your professional toolbox.
  • These courses fit into your curriculum and earned credits count within your current programme.




What is it like to participate in the Academy of Musicology and Musicianship? Find out more.