Bachelor Musicology

Who are you?
My name is Julie Deckers, I’m 25 years old, and I am in my last year of the bachelor Musicology at the University of Amsterdam.

Do you have a musical background? Do you play an instrument?
I can play a little piano and flute, but I have never had any lessons. My mother plays flute, and my brother studied guitar and bass guitar at the pop department of the Conservatory of Amsterdam (he has graduated already). So music, listening but also participating, was always around during my childhood.

Why did you participate? Which course(s) did you choose? Did you follow a “special track music theory”?
I followed the AMMA seminar called Current Debates in Music.

What did you gain?
I found the course very fun and exciting. We discussed several topics in class, so hearing everybody’s opinion was fascinating. I was inspired by one of the topics, “Inclusivity & Diversity,” after we discussed it in class, which was great.

What was new?
The class was made up of students from different colleges, which meant that there were a lot of diverse points of view because everybody had other backgrounds. The classes were held at the Conservatory of Amsterdam, where students from the UvA usually don’t have classes. It was delightful to be able to follow courses there and also to see how things work at a different college. And also, having teachers from the conservatorium was something new and fun.

Why should other students attend the courses/ a “special track music theory” of the AMMA?
Having such a variety of people and their opinions in a course where you can share them is a great learning experience. To learn new things differently but also to meet people who you maybe wouldn’t have met is very fun and intriguing.

What does “Musicology and Musicianship” mean to you?
Having Musicology as a study means that I can attend university and learn about topics that I love and enjoy very much. And also meet people who share this interest in studying music as much as you. This can create strong and meaningful friendships. So to me, Musicology and Musicianship mean learning and creating but also friendship, laughter and having fun.

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